Anton Verbik


Daniel is a soccer stud with salt-and-pepper hair. He’s only 26, but totally confident with his hair going a little gray at such a young age.
“I think it makes me look more dignified, more manly,” he said jokingly in the deepest voice possible.
“When did it start changing?”
“I was pretty young,” he replied. “Around 15 or so.”
I’d say it works pretty well for him, with his deep green eyes and sculptured face.
He’s also got a ripped body, and a cock that was hard from the get-go!
“Wow!” I said the first time his shorts slid down. “You’re hard already!”
He blushed a little. “Yeah, I guess it’s kinda hot knowing that I get to show it off.”
“I can only imagine what sex is like with you...”
“It can get a little aggressive,” he explained. “I tend to talk dirty. It just happens, I can't control it!”

Cole and Trent


Henry is a friend of Brandon. They are like brothers — hanging out, going to the gym... they do just about everything together.
So when Brandon introduced me to his ginger-stud friend, I was intrigued. I don't know if it was the freckles or the smile, or maybe those light red pubes.... but he caught my attention right away.
"He convinced me that this would be a good idea," Henry said about Brandon. "He was, like... 'Good things come in small packages!' I couldn't tell if he was making fun of me or not!"
As I got to know him, I discovered that Henry doesn't take himself too seriously.
"So, what's it like being a ginger?" I asked.
“Well, they say we have no souls!" He laughed. "That's a huge lie! I just like to cuddle. Ginger cuddles for all!"
This adorable guy was covered from head to toe in freckles, even his ass had some.
"When I was little I got I in trouble for taking a marker to myself and playing connect the dots. My mom found me in my room covered head to toe with black marker all over me."
I'm sure he was a hand full!
Henry's laughter was infectious and he always had a smile on his face.
"You see, I think of it this way," he said. "Life is fun. I wanna have fun. Lets make people laugh!"
When he's not running around being the life of the party, Henry is breaking and training horses.
“Yup! I saddle up, rope up and work those bucks out!” he said...

Axl and Jake


"I bet you play rugby!" I said.
Keane laughed. "I just met you," he replied. "How did you know?"
It wasn't hard. Keane truly looks the part. He has the stature of one of those huge English studs that run around the field and occasionally get their shorts pulled down by a teammate!
It was also obvious because Keane is a big dude. He's over six feet tall and heavily muscled, with a furry chest, huge legs, and an ever-hard cock that dripped a ridiculous amount of precum.
It was hard to get him to smile, but one topic really got him talking.
"I'm studying to be a biological engineer," he said.
"Wow, no offense," I said jokingly. "But I wouldn't expect that out of a big ol' footballer!"
"Well I like to break stereotypes," he said with a smile. "I'm excited about the future. Maybe one day I will design the super drug that cures the world!"


Delaney and Glenn